Bumpdate: 12 weeks

12 weeks

How Far Along
: 12 weeks, 5 days

Total Weight Gain/Loss: After seeing the difference on the scale at the doctor's office from two appointments two weeks apart, I invested in a good scale. I have gained 2 lbs, but it feels like more than that. I'm not sure how much of that bump above is a bump or just bloating.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet. Let's just say things are starting to get tight. Ty put a bella band in my stocking and I think I will be busting it out this week.

Gender: No idea. I don't have a feeling either way.

Movement: Not yet.

Sleep: I can't get enough!

What I miss: Energy! Every once in a while I will want a Mt. Dew, but now that I've told the lady in the bookstore that I'm pregnant I can't bring myself to give into the craving and have her judge my caffeine intake. ha!

Cravings: I don't have any specific cravings, although Saturday night at Charleston's I scarfed down a salad like I hadn't eaten in days. I could definitely go for another one of those!

Best Moment this week: Having enough energy yesterday to clean the house after church. It was like a first trimester miracle!

Other random symptoms from the past couple of months: I want to be able to remember these details.
-I can hardly sit at work my butt hurts so bad. This is a complaint my family is used to hearing from long car rides, but I sit at work for two hours and feel like I'm going to die. It is the weirdest thing.
-I got to hear the heartbeat at 7 weeks. What an amazing sound! I thought I would cry, but I just kept smiling. It was such a relief. I was truly pregnant. There really was a baby growing inside me. Baby's heart rate was 127.
-I hope that Ty will be able to make it to a few appointments, but I really can't count on that. I thought I would be more upset about it, but the reality is that is just our life right now and maybe always. I have always been an independent person, but being married to a medical student and now a surgery resident has made me so much stronger. Luckily, Chesley was able to go with me to the appointment, so I did not have to go alone. She is a great friend!
-I could care less about sweets. WHO AM I??
-From the moment I found out I was pregnant there hasn't been a night that I've slept straight
through without having to get up to use the bathroom.
-I have grown quite a bit, ahem, up top.
-I get full really fast. It's too bad, because I really want to keep eating. :)
-A weeks or so of semi-bad nausea and random waves of nausea here and there. I haven't actually gotten sick once. I am considering myself a very lucky lady. The nausea is disappearing for the most part.
-My sense of smell has been strong since almost the day I found out I was pregnant, then allergies hit and I can't smell much.
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