settling in

Thank y'all for all your sweet comments on our new house! Things are finally start to settle down here and we are settling in. We moved in on a Friday afternoon and it all went smoothly. Ty actually got off a little early and was able to help carry the last thing off the truck--the washing machine. My little brother came up to help us move. After everything was unloaded we took him to eat at Fat Guy's Burgers and watched the baseball game.


Ty worked the night shift Saturday and Sunday and then, I left for Orlando for a conference early Monday morning. I did not want to go on this trip. I wanted to stay home and adjust to the new house and spend time with Ty. One good thing about my trip was I got to meet Melissa from For the Love and her cute, little girl, Blaire. Melissa was so sweet and took me to lunch and bought me the cutest new home Christmas ornament and a great new tumbler with a straw. I love those cups!

I am back home now and Ty has the weekend off. We have some fun plans! (And some unpacking to do!) October was pretty stressful for us and I am welcoming November with open arms. It's my birthday month, we are going on a mini vacay, and we get to spend time with our families at Thanksgiving. Yay for November!

This is the view from my living room window. I can also see this when standing in the kitchen.
I'm so excited to have pretty fall leaves in my back yard!


I can't not share this picture of my cute nephew dressed up for Halloween! I can't wait to see pictures of my other nephews and niece. (That's a big hint to my sister-in-laws.) :)

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