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This has been a pretty stressful selling and buying process and we are so glad today is moving day! Unfortunately, Ty was not able to switch shifts with anyone at work. We had some great friends help me load up the U-Haul last night and more friends will help me unload later today. We feel incredibly blessed and thankful for all of the help we have received! I will be signing double time this afternoon at closing, since Ty can't be there. Thankfully, our Power of Attorney was approved and I'll sign for him and for me.

We were able to pre-sign on our current home, so we don't have to be there for that closing.
The last bit of paperwork was completed an hour ago, so it looks like this is all really going to happen! Yay!

Now for the good stuff! House pictures! These photos were the ones used in the listing.


I'm getting my dream kitchen: white cabinets, wood floors, dark granite. SO excited!




I love the front door! It is beautiful wood.

Can you guess which sink is going to be mine?
The long one has a cut out for a vanity seat.

another living room shot

master bedroom. see the doggy door? I'm curious to see if Nuts will use it.
I have a feeling he will be scared of it. haha. If so, the owners left the original door and we will replace it.

I'm excited to try out the convection oven to see if it really does cook better.

We hope to get some good use out of this patio.

The yards are tiny and we are thrilled. I'll be doing the majority of the lawn maintenance, since Ty works so much and it will be so easy! Or he can do it because it won't take very long.

Our new refrigerator should be delivered tomorrow morning and then we will be set! Well, other than all that new furniture we are dreaming about. :)
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