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I feel like my blogging and blog designing has taken a back burner the last four months or so. Ty was finished with school and I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible before residency. I want to play catch up on blogging/documenting our lives.
  • Ty started his residency on July 1st and we are adjusting to his new schedule. Poor guy is TIRED! He is working long hours and when he gets home has a lot of reading/studying to do for surgery meetings, boards, and just general learning.
  • He is enjoying residency, despite everything I mentioned above.
  • One of the things I am praying for during residency is for him to never lose his passion for medicine and his compassion for patients. I don't know how he does it. I would have given up a long time ago. :)
  • Last month I attended a shower for this pretty lady and her twins! IMG_6620
  • I have really cut back on the amount of custom blog designs that I am doing, but I have some new pre-made templates and they can be installed in just a few days. Check them out if you are looking for a new design! (Some of the designs can be customized with different colors.)

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  • I have taken on more responsibility at work and I'm getting a new office. We have done some rearranging within our office and they are combining two offices to make my new one. It is big!
  • We have cable tv! During medical school, we had the most basic plan offered. Which meant just the local news channels. Not anymore! We have lots of channels and.....DVR! I see a lot of couch time in my future.
  • One good thing about Ty's schedule is that I'm able to work out after work at the school gym and still have plenty of time in the evenings to prepare dinner, etc. Working out balances out all the tv time, right?!
  • Our house is still for sale. I'm not feeling very positive about it selling. People are still coming to look at it, so I guess that is a good sign.
  • At least it means I have a clean house. :)
  • I know everyone is suffering from the heat, but my goodness it is hot. My city is the 4th hottest city in the country right now. Sheesh. I'm very thankful for the a/c.
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