Target Finds

I spotted the shoe on the right at Target and then the next day saw the shoe on the left by Steve Madden at Dillard's. The price difference is over $40. I already have a pair of wedges for the spring/summer, but wanted to share! :)

I have found the most forgiving swimsuit ever from Target! I believe it is only available online and comes in several different colors. I bought the black, but the model in the black swimsuit was posed all weird and the suit is not flattering on her.
Screen Captures1
This suit sucks you in at all the right places and is comfortable. Perfect for our upcoming beach vacation!

Have any of you signed up for the Target debit card? I signed up for it last night and saved $9. It is not a credit card and they do not run your credit for approval. All you do is give them a blank check to run through the system and your total Target amount comes out from your bank account. You save 5% on each purchase that you use your card. The savings are applied right then and there. Genius!

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