Happy Anniversary to the sweetest husband I know! It has been a wonderful four years!

He did the most thoughtful thing last week. I came home from work early on Friday to prepare for the graduation party. I was on the phone with Chesley as I pulled into the garage to see the cutest thing ever---a beach cruiser. Poor girl had to listen to me scream into the phone about my cute, new bike! The man bought ME a graduation present. Isn't that sweet?!


Yes, technically, he is the one who graduated from medical school (don't worry I bought him some gifts too) but he wanted to get me something to say thank you for the support the last four years.

I have been wanting one of these ever since our trip to New Jersey. He picked out the perfect bike and wicker basket and even added flowers. We are looking forward to cruising the neighborhood and the bike trails next to our house.

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