An Early Christmas

Due to scheduling conflicts, H and I won't be able to attend the Big Brothers Big Sisters Christmas party this Friday. :( I did buy her a gift(s) and I was too excited to wait until closer to Christmas to give it to her.
She was pretty excited about the green mini garland wrapped around her present.
In fact, she wore it as a necklace the rest of the night. She wanted to wear it as a belt, but I couldn't get the knot out. It was too funny.

She tried on the clothes and wore them the rest of the night.
All came from Gap. I'm obsessed with their children's and baby clothes this season.

The rest of the evening we spent crafting. I found a great fabric flower tutorial on Our Best Bites.

We made one for her back pack and one for a headband.

They were so fun to make and H loved picking out her fabric from all my remnants. We will definitely be doing this again.
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