weekend recap

I want this month to last forever! The weather is perfect, my husband is home and all is well.

  • I downloaded the couch to 5k app on my phone and I'm loving it. I think I might actually finish the program this time. :) The app allows you to listen to music while you are running and then a male or female voice will come on and tell you when to walk or run and when you are halfway through and when you have minute left. It is much easier than looking at your watch every 5 seconds.

  • I bought this cute piggy bank from Target for Ty. Isn't it perfect for him?!


  • Speaking of Target, look at this cute top. (Ignore my creepy eyes--I sent this pic to Chesley and wasn't worried about how I looked. I just wanted her to see the top.)

It reminds me of something Emma Pillsbury from Glee would wear! I think it will be so cute tucked into a pencil skirt.

  • We went to dinner Saturday night with Ty's parents, sister and brother-in-law. Ty's mom brought us this Halloween bucket full of candy and other fun treats, including those cute little pumpkins.
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