I had the privilege of eating lunch with my great-grandlittle, Lisa yesterday. We ate at my favorite bakery. They have the best bread and potato soup ever. I love it when little eateries put their soup in coffee mugs.
This is the one I had yesterday.

I saw an ad for Sally Hansen's new nail polish in one of my recent magazines. It boasts that it is a complete manicure that includes the base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color and top coat. That is quite the line-up. I had pretty low expectations, but tried it anyways.
I picked up a bottle of pale pink, Shall We Dance.
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I was pleasantly surprised by this polish. It is more pricey than the usual Sally Hansen products. (I paid $7.49 at Wal-Greens.) I filed my nails down with one of those 4 way emory boards, which smoothed everything out. The brush is thick and it applied really well. I love the way the color turned out. I will definitely be picking up more colors soon. I liked this bottle more than OPI.

{sally hansen did not provide my bottle of nail polish, nor ask me to do a review. If they would like to send me this polish in every color I certainly wouldn't turn them down. :)}
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