UPDATE: That is not my ultra sound picture. I know it can be misleading if you see the picture before reading. :) haha!

I'm too tired to formulate a complete blog post, so random bullets it is.

  • Spring semester is in full swing and work is busy. I worked a 14 hr. day yesterday, but I got to spend time with some great current students who made the time fly by.
  • I drive extremely slow when I get tired. I physically cannot speed. Ahem, not that I speed when I'm not tired.
  • We are going to visit Ty's sister and her family tomorrow after my work event. I can't wait to spend time with them.
  • Yes, work on a Saturday. It will be a fun event though.
  • My sister found out she is having BOY!!
Isn't this the sweetest picture?!? He is sucking his thumb. Awww!

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