11 months

Eleven months means only one more month until you are a year old! That is crazy! You have changed a lot this past month. Really, this past week!

Clapping is something you do quite a bit. It is adorable! You clap during singing at church, randomly during diaper changes, during movies, etc. You love to clap! Your favorite toy at the moment is anything that is a household item. Forget the toys, you love the tupperware drawer, pots and pans, etc. You also love your books. We read quite a bit and you have a big collection of books.

See that cat in your mouth. You tore it out of a pop up book and were 
insistent that it be a part of the photos.

You started walking this month! It started with a couple of steps at a time and now you are officially a walker. Your daddy and I were both home to see your first steps and we cheered and cheered for you!
Speaking of your daddy, he is really loving this age. He can finally throw you around and you are both having so much fun with it! With the new found walking comes lots of tumbles and bruises. You currently have three bruises gracing your face.

Your appetite is increasing and you are no longer satisfied with just one package of baby food. I can see into the future and how you are going to eat us out of house and home. You have caught onto drinking out of a straw. Your favorite foods are cucumbers and watermelon. I recently gave you a spicy sweet potato fry and I was worried it might be too spicy, but you loved it! You are working on a bottom tooth, but it hasn't popped through yet. You still only have two top teeth and they are starting to come down a little bit more.


You completed your last day at the daycare by my work. You will start at a small, home daycare soon. While, the change will be good it was still sad to leave the place you have been for the past eight months. Your teachers wrote you a nice goodbye card saying how much they would miss you. I will no longer be able to see you at lunch every day, so the change is bittersweet. It was so nice to drive over, feed you, and snuggle for a bit. 

I went to see you at lunch the other day and walked into your classroom, picked you up, and immediately went to look at your info sheet. I guess I didn't properly say hi to you, because you leaned your body around to look at my face and just grinned. It melted my heart.


You have started to give eskimo kisses unprompted. It is so sweet. You give the best hugs and have started hugging your stuffed bunny, Peter, whenever we hold him up to you.

We took a vacation at the end of this month. You experienced your first airplane ride and first visit out of state. You were so good on the plane! You slept the entire flight to Colorado, and took a short nap on the return flight. You are a good traveler!  I think your favorite part of vacation was the pool! A close second was the game room.

We got home from our trip and realized just how much you had changed while we were gone. You were all over the place, exploring, walking, etc. You developed a love for balls while we were on vacation and it is so cute to see you carry one around with you.


You also got your first hair cut this month. The hair around your ears was getting quite long. Daddy gave you a little trim. :) Speaking of long, you have the longest eyelashes. They frame your baby blues and are just precious.

Jack, it is so fun to see you develop and grow. I could probably write several more paragraphs about all the cute things you do. We are gearing up for your big first birthday and we can't wait to celebrate YOU! Your daddy and I love you very much.


Weight: 18 lbs
Height: We'll find out at your 12 month appt, but you have definitely gotten taller!
Clothes: You are in a wide variety of sizes. 3-6 months shorts (you have a tiny waist), 9 months shirts, 9-12 month jammies
Diaper size: 3
Nicknames:  Jack Attack, Jackie Jack, sweet boy, sugar bear

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