Mother's Day weekend

We started the weekend off with bedlam baseball. It was the perfect weather for a baseball game and Jack loved being outside for such a long period of time. 




Jack loves to be around Breck, my friend, Maghin's little boy. They gave each other the sweetest hugs bye at the end of the night. 

I had a work event Saturday morning for incoming students and Ty sent me this picture of Jack, with the caption "missing mommy." Sweet boy! I guess they found an old video of me on the iPad to watch.

Ty and Jack did such a good job at making me feel special and loved! Ty made me two delicious meals: an omelet for breakfast and then, steak, grilled corn and mashed potatoes for lunch. I'm still thinking about the steak. It was so good!


I was gifted with two sweet cards, dark chocolates, and a beautiful pearl necklace. I also went to get a pedicure later in the afternoon. It was the perfect day of being pampered by my boys. All day long I kept thinking about how lucky I am to have this family, and especially the sweet boy that made me a momma!

I feel so blessed to be this little boy's mommy!

He loves to grab leaves.

And my necklaces...wearing my present!
It matches the pearl earrings Ty gave me when Jack was a week old.

I can't not share this picture. Jack was so happy sitting in there...until he tried to get up. Poor baby got stuck, and mommy and daddy couldn't resist the picture opportunity before helping him out.

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