10 months

You are 10 months old and quite the busy bee! You are crawling everywhere and move pretty fast when you lock your eyes on something you really want, like Nuts' water bowl. You can stand for several seconds on your own, and have gotten to where you can walk around while only holding onto one of our hands, instead of both. Watching you walk with push toys is adorable. You walk all over the living room and kitchen with them and get to going pretty fast once you hit the wood floors.


You love to be outside! In fact, I was holding you the other day and let Nuts out the back door. You started crying when I didn't continue on out to the back porch with you. You have a swing and water table on the back porch that keep you entertained. We go on lots of walks in your blue car and you love to see the fountains in the ponds.

Your first tooth popped through on top at 9.5 months. I can see your other front, top tooth, but it hasn't come down yet. You are eating baby food 3 times a day in addition to nursing or getting a bottle every 4 hours. Your favorite food is your morning cereal. You like to eat sliced cucumbers, red bell peppers, and puffs.

In addition to babbling, you have started clucking your tongue and making the Indian sound by using your hand to pat your mouth: bah, bah, bah...
You love to play with things you shouldn't like the fireplace and the sound bar in front of the TV. I'm trying to teach you "no", but so far, you just seem to grin real big and laugh. Not a good sign for mommy! I've had to hold back my laughter when you do it!


You like to play with cars, strings/cords, and Nuts' toys and bones. (yucky!) You also think all iPads and computers belong to you and you love to bang on them. You have discovered Mommy and Daddy's eyes and teeth. You've been interested in our noses for a while, but the eyes and teeth are new. You love to touch my teeth. With our eyes, you almost act like you want to scratch them out or poke them out. You even made Daddy's nose bleed the other night, because you poked your finger so far up there! We want you to explore, but we also want to keep our faces intact. Ha!

Jack, you still like to be upside down, and I let you flip over once after nursing. Now you think you need to flip backward off the chair each time you get done eating. You love for your daddy to "string" you up and swing you. I know your daddy can't wait until he can really throw you around and wrestle with you.


My sweet boy, you are such a joy and make us smile and laugh so much! You have started going to bed earlier, and your dad and I will lay in bed and look at pictures of you on our phones. We can't get enough of our Jack!

We love you.


Weight: 17 lbs
Height: over 28 1/4 in; It is hard to measure you and this was your stat from last month. You seem bigger to me this month
Clothes: You are in a range of sizes from 3-6 to 9 months. The majority of your pants are still 3 or 3-6 months because your waist is small.
Diaper: size 2
Nicknames: Jack Attack, sugar bear, munchkin, baby Jack, sweet boy

I feel like the above pictures are not very honest. All of the above pictures are from the second photo shoot. The first one did not go so well and we had to take a break. :) Jack was upset the first time around, because he wanted my big camera. I ended up taking all of the above photos with my phone.




I love that Nuts is hanging out in the background.

I'm pretty sure Ty will not agree to participate in the future. Not that he was a very willing participant to begin with. :)

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