8 months

Oh my, we are getting further and further away from the newborn days. I hate that time is going by so fast, but love that you are becoming a little person. I described you as being busy last month and this has definitely remained true.

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If you really want something you do a sort of army crawl to get to it. Really, you just grip at the ground with your hands and pull yourself forward. You love to be upside down and have recently started kicking off the back of the chair while I'm nursing you, so that you can hang upside down. Crazy boy!

Possibly the cutest thing this month has been your head shaking. You have no idea that you are shaking your head no, but you do it over and over. You are learning to wave bye and clap. You have also developed a new smile where you scrunch up your whole face. I'm telling you, kid, it's adorable!

Jack, you continue to love bath time, standing up, and playing peek-a-boo with Daddy. He puts you down in our big king size bed and lifts the covers over you. You just smile and laugh. Speaking of laughter, you are finally sharing more and more of it. It is the best sound! There are certain tickle spots that guarantee a giggle or two, but you will laugh at something funny we do or me kissing your belly.

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You love to play chase around the house. I'll hold you and we either run from Daddy or we chase him. Either way you just laugh and laugh. Your Grandma bought you a book for Halloween, called Mouse's First Halloween. Daddy has been reading it to you and when he gets to the part where the mouse says, "Eeeeek!" (which happens on every page), you just giggle.

You have started giving hugs when we hold you and will occasionally pat our backs. This just melts my heart!
You are eating more and more baby food. You are a big fan of greek yogurt and fruit. We give you whole pieces of food to munch on and your favorites are red and green bell pepper strips and pickles. No teeth yet, but you can gum those foods into big pieces, so we have to watch you carefully.

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You have not been napping much at daycare. I think there is just too much going on and you don't want to miss out. Thankfully, you will take good naps for us on the weekend. Of course, you are in a quiet, dark environment at home.You are also still sleeping through the night.

Jack, you are very sweet and happy. You love to smile! I bet by next month we will have a very mobile baby on our hands! It has been a wonderful seven months, baby boy.


Weight: 18 lbs (weighed at home)
Height: ?
Clothes: 3-6 months, 6 months footed sleepers
Diaper: size 2
Nicknames: Jack Attack, sugar bear, munchkin, baby Jack, sweet boy
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