Sprinkle Shower

My sister is due in early March with her second child--a little girl. I wanted to throw a small shower for her to celebrate. Last weekend we packed up and headed home to do just that.

invite copy blur
Not that anyone is paying real close attention, but the shower was actually at 10 am, not 2 pm. I just realized I did not upload the final version of the invitation. oops.

LeAnn is using these colors in the nursery and will have a few owl themed decorative items as well.
I'm so disappointed with the pictures I took. My battery was dying and I didn't have time to mess with the settings.
We also had a breakfast casserole, but it was being kept warm in the oven until the last possible second.








My mom, sister, and me.

bad iPhone picture, but I can't resist that smile!

LeAnn got a lot of adorable things and there was lots of PINK! It was so fun!

cupcake toppers bought on etsy via Fondant Fantasy
Straws & cupcake liners bought on etsy via PartyDelights
Owl graphic designed by Katie from It's in the Details
Framed art, banner, cup stickers, invite designed by me

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