7 months

Where does the time go? I can't believe you are 7 months old! You are such a happy baby! Still stingy with the laughter, but you freely give away smiles. You are very calm and content. I think you very much enjoy your quiet environment at home.

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You started food this month, and like your momma, you aren't a big fan of green veggies, but love fruits. You tolerate green beans, but hate peas. We have been giving you big pieces of food to gnaw on and you love watermelon, cantaloupe and pickles! You could not get enough of the pickles at a restaurant we recently ate at.

You sleep through the night for the most part. You have had some nights this past month where you just didn't feel well and wanted to be held. I am in the bad habit of bringing you back to bed with me when you do wake up. You sleep so well snuggled up with me!

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Jack, you love to stand. In fact, most of the time when we try to sit you on your bottom you will stiffen up those legs and refuse to sit. You have become a very curious boy and grab for everything within your reach. We have had a mild winter and you love to go outside. It has a calming effect on you.

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Bath time has become one of your favorite things.I clean you up in your bath seat and then let you sit down in the bath tub. Your new thing is to lean all the way back (basically lay down) and relax with a foam letter in your mouth. It is hard work for me to hold your head out of the water, but you love it, so I guess I'll suffer. :)

I say this every month, but you really do bring so much joy to our lives. We love you, baby boy!


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Weight: 17 lbs (weighed at home)
Height: 26.5 inches
Clothes: 3-6 months, 6 months footed sleepers
Diaper: size 2
Nicknames: Jack Attack, sugar bear, munchkin, baby Jack, sweet boy

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