Bumpdate: 35 weeks

This is the best picture I have this week. I had zero motivation to get ready. Most days I chose to either shower and blow dry my hair or put on make-up. I couldn't bring myself to do both.


How Far Along: 35 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 24 lbs; lost 2 lbs this week.

Size of Baby: Large cantaloupe (19 to 22 in, 5.5 lbs) all according to WTE.

Maternity Clothes: As I predicted I am living in the black maxi skirt from Gap that I wrote about in my 34 week post.

Gender: Baby boy!

Movement: He seems to be moving a lot and I think he is really running out of space.

Sleep: Eh. Some nights are great. Other nights I wake up in pain and can't go back to sleep.

What I miss: Feeling good. See crazy symptoms below.

Cravings:Not much of anything this week. I just don't have room for any food. I have basically been on a liquid diet of sorts.

Other crazy symptoms: Same as last week, but more extreme. Jack is sitting up high and smashing all my organs creating extreme pain between my chest and belly. This has caused back spasms, nausea, hot & cold flashes, and overall discomfort. My doctor was on vacation last week when I went to the doctor, so I saw someone else in the office. While she was really nice, she told me that what I was experiencing was normal. I knew that it couldn't be normal and was overwhelmed that this was my new normal for the remaining 6 weeks. It was a pretty daunting thought. I threw up from all the pain and pressure on my organs the next day. The first time I've thrown up during my pregnancy. I know that I have been very blessed by that. This week I saw my doctor and while he said pretty much the same things the doctor the week before said he made me feel much better. He also prescribed me some medications to help with everything. They are helping with the pain and making things more manageable. I have been pretty against taking a lot of medication during my pregnancy, but I can't continue on without it. I have been in and out of work, and hate that I am inconsistent there. I've been working from home a lot. Mainly I have been sleeping and taking baths. I have taken up to 3 baths a day to help manage some of the pain. I don't want to think about the water bill if this continues. :)
It has been a long two weeks, but I'm really hopeful for some relief.

Best Moment this week: The car seat arrived, which was the last big thing we needed. It's good to know that if he does come early we will be able to leave the hospital with him. :)
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