Secret Garden

Ever since I was little and could read I dreamed of having a weeping willow tree in my yard to read my books under. It would be like my own secret garden. I tell Ty this story every time we see a weeping willow tree. Today after work we stopped by Home Depot to check out some trees and I saw a flowering weeping willow. I tried to convince Ty that I really needed it. He didn't agree. (We don't really have anywhere to put it.) I tried to explain how perfect it would be for Nuts and I to sit under this summer and read, how it would be like an English secret garden. He didn't seem to get it. Maybe its just a girl thing?? Wouldn't it be perfect!?!

I blocked out my shirt, because it had the name of the state I live in. :)

I'm off work today for a dentist appointment and a hair appointment and because it is spring break! Everyone deserves to have a few days off during spring break!

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