Missing these guys already

I'm headed to Alabama for work until Monday. That is a long time! Oh, it will be fun but I am going to really miss my guys!

Please ignore the bottom of my dirty socks! The bottom of my socks are always dirty. I hate wearing shoes which means I walk outside without shoes on all the time. As soon as I get in my car I kick my shoes off--the same goes for my desk. I will not buy heels that cannot be easily kicked off. I'm a weirdo! :)

I'm sure they will survive just fine without me. Ty has a big test on Monday and I think part of him is relieved to have the whole weekend to devote to studying. And then the other part of him remembers that means he has to take care of Nuts. And somewhere in there I know he will miss me! My posting will be spotty or non-existent for the rest of the week.

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