Paint Party

Saturday morning Chesley and I painted my bedroom. I bought 4 different paint samples and mixed 2 paints together for a total of 5 choices. I went to bed Friday night still unsure of which paint I was going to go buy in the morning. I am the worst at picking out paint colors. I ended up having them do a custom shade that was in between 2 Benjamin Moore colors that I liked: Timberwolf and Marina Grey.

I'm not the best at painting, so Ty didn't have much faith in this project turning out good. (He didn't have time to help me. His Spring Break consisted of a LOT of studying!) Well, it turns out that Chesley is fabulous painter and she volunteered to help me! Yay! What a great friend! I told her that she was the boss and to just tell me what to do. I turned on some music and we We knocked it out in 2 hours. I'm very happy with the results!

I love these curtains and don't really want to take them down, but I'm not quite sure how I feel about them with the pillows. What do ya'll think?

I love the look of this lamp in the room. It really puts off a nice glow against the gray paint. Its a soft, calming affect.

I love this lamp! I wasn't sure how it would look in the room so I only bought one. Now I need to go back and buy another one for the other night stand.

*update*: The curtains are from Target and the lamp is from Hobby Lobby.

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