4 months

Happy 4 months! You continue to bring so much joy to our lives. We can not get enough of your smile! Your teacher, Miss Sally, calls you Flirty Jack, because you smile at her so much.

You are becoming very squishy and even have some rolls on your thighs. Much different than the tiny baby we brought home from the hospital. You are sleeping through the night. There are nights when I have to get up to put your pacifier in your mouth to help you relax. I guess I should say you were sleeping through the night. We are starting to transition you out of the beloved swaddle. You don't like the transition one bit. 


The reason we have to stop swaddling is because you have started to roll over! You worked on it for about a week and then on your four month birthday you finally figured it out. You also scoot all over the place when you are on your back. I never find you in the same position that I laid you down in. Your legs are so strong. You just kick and kick, and have started standing when we hold you upright. You love to grab your daddy's nose and I think you are always surprised by the scruffiness of his 5 o'clock shadow.


Jack, you are still taking a pacifier, but only when you get sleepy. You also like to suck on your fingers. You are beginning to put toys in your mouth and I know that will soon lead to everything going into your mouth. You have become quite vocal, and we love to hear you babble. The t.v. mesmerizes you. You love to sit on your daddy's lap and watch football. You sit so still!

You celebrated your first Halloween by dressing as a doctor for school and a puppy for the evening. 


You also made your first trip home to see both sets of grandparents and all of your cousins. Everyone was so excited to see you!

This month has brought about a lot more activity from you and I know that will only continue with every passing month. I am looking forward to each milestone, but at the same time want to cherish all these precious moments with you.


Weight: will update after your appt.
Height: We will find out at your 4 month appt.
Clothes: 3 months; I packed away all of your newborn clothes yesterday.
Diaper: size 1
Nicknames: Jack Attack, sugar bear, wiggle worm, buddy
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