two weeks

I can't believe you are two weeks old. The days just fly by so fast. We are settling into a routine of just me and you. Your dad was home with us for a week and it was so nice. We definitely miss having him around, and I know he misses you.

You are a content baby, but don't hesitate to let us know when you are hungry. I think you get that from me. :) You are such a tiny thing and we don't have much that actually fits you. We bought a few preemie outfits, but you are too long for the ones with feet. I mostly leave you in a diaper. It is much easier since you are a messy eater and are swaddled for the most part. Oh that swaddle. You love to be swaddled. We call you a little Houdini and are amazed at how you can get your hands out of those tight swaddles. Your dad and I get so excited when we can keep you in it and have gotten much better at getting it just right. The pacifier is your other favorite thing. It is very soothing for you.

So far, we think you look like your dad. We looked at his baby pictures and there was no denying you are his child. You also have his long fingers, skinny legs and feet.


You love to grab at things with your hands and we try to keep you from clawing at your face. When you eat you grab onto your ear and just pull. There is no stopping you and we are amazed at how strong you are. You are sleeping in your crib at night and waking up every 3 hours to eat. You do have some moments at night where you are wide awake. Thank goodness, we invested in a nice recliner/glider. I have taken a few naps in there at night with you in my arms. You also love to nap in your dad's arms on the couch and Nuts enjoys this time with you both too.

I am enjoying my time with you and don't want to think about how fast my leave is going to go by. I treasure the sweet, quiet moments with you in my arms. There is also something so special about watching your dad with you. We love you, sweet boy.






All above pictures are when he was one week old.

Before Jack's first Sunday morning at church at two weeks old.

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