18 Months

You are 18 months old! A year and half! This month a lot of things have started to click for you. You have really started to pick up on some words and animal sounds. Some of your favorite words are snack, Nut (the "S" is silent when you say his name), Momma, NO, stuck and shoe. You say more and more each day. It is getting hard to keep a running list of them all!
I think bullet points are going to be the best way for me to document what you are up to right now.

  • Animal sounds--mooo and eek! In one of your books there is a page about a cat and in the bottom corner is a small mouse. Anytime we are on that page you always say eek! I pointed the mouse out to you once and you have never forgotten it.
  • You love shoes, especially your red rain boots you just got for Christmas. You can put them on all by yourself! Usually on the wrong feet, but I'm proud regardless. :)
  •  You also still love to put on your hats!
  • You love to get high fives and just the other day gave me one unprompted when I found a missing puzzle piece.
  • You still love Bubble Guppies and have started saying bubba for bubble.
  • You love to put money in your piggy bank.
  • You love to color. Almost as much as you like to eat the crayons.
  • You love stickers.
  • You got a small table and two chairs for Christmas from my Nanny and you love to sit at it. You have started requesting to eat all of your snacks at the table.
  • Speaking of snacks...you want to snack ALL. THE. TIME. You like to take my hand and pull me to the pantry. I'll pick you up and let you choose your snack. You take your time and pick carefully. Haha.
  • You like to dance and your moves are so funny. Your favorite move is "roll 'em up" from pat-a-cake. 
  • Your favorite songs are the Itsy, Bitsy Spider, Pat-A-Cake and Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes. 
  • I've started saying on your mark, get set, go and you take off running.
  • You've been able to open doors for a while and we are pretty good and keeping the outside ones deadbolted. I let Nuts outside the other morning and didn't lock the door back. I was picking up things in the living room and noticed it had gotten quiet. I looked around and noticed Nuts sitting in the floor. The back door was wide open and you were outside jumping in your trampoline!
  • You are a tech baby and love our phones and iPads. You love to watch videos of yourself on our phones. There sure are plenty of them! I typically let you play with my iPad while I'm cooking. It's almost scary how quickly you have picked up on how to work it. 
  • You give the sweetest open mouth kisses!
  • You sleep all night and mostly take good naps for me. You take amazing naps for Miss Joanie. A one hour nap in the morning and a three hour nap in the afternoon. She is the toddler whisperer. 
  • You love being at Miss Joanie's house and especially love Holly, a three year old girl from our church. 
  • You are a good eater and love fruit, meat, and snacks. Snacks are usually goldfish, applesauce pouches, or vegetable straws (not really vegetables). 
  • You still drink soy milk and we have cut out cheese. You seem to be doing much better in the dirty diaper department. You can tolerate very small amounts of cheese.
  • You love to be outside, especially when Nuts is out there with you. 
  • You are obsessed with the vacuum. In fact, I try to vacuum when you are napping, because if you are awake you want to be held while I vacuum. When I'm done you get so upset. Uncle Derek bought you a toy vacuum for Christmas and you love it!
  • Sometimes when we are rocking before bed and you don't want to go to sleep you will fake snore. It makes me giggle every time!
This is such a fun age! You are such a sweet boy and bring us so much joy.
We love you!


Height: 34 in (88th percentile)
Weight: 22 lbs 6 ounces (9th percentile, your highest yet!)
Diapers: 4
Clothes: Your 6-12 months clothes are becoming too short, but the 12-18 months are still too big; 18 month jammies

This is from when you snuck outside!
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