• I go back to work on Monday. I love my job, but I am going to be so heart broken to leave Jack.
  • I want to go fall clothes shopping so bad, but I am still losing the baby weight. Fall is my favorite clothing season.  One thing I can purchase now and not have to worry about it fitting in a few months is a leopard scarf. I'm on the hunt for the perfect one. 
I love this pairing. 
  • I have a great pair of brown boots, but I can't help but want another pair. I love these Frye boots.

boot melissa

  • Ty is taking off work tomorrow and I can't wait to have a long weekend together. Residency has been really tough lately, and with the addition of Jack I feel like Ty and I are strangers. We don't see each other much, and I miss him.
  • Watching these two together makes my heart melt. It doesn't matter what they are doing, even if Ty is having to read for a case the next day, I just love seeing them together. 


Poor Nuts has been kicked out of the coveted study buddy spot. For old times sake:

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