One Month

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You are one month old! It seems like your birth date was forever ago, but our days go by so fast. Since you were three weeks early it has taken you a little bit longer to adjust to feedings. Thankfully, we know you are getting plenty to eat. You were back up to your birth weight at your two week appointment, and you gained a pound by the time you turned one month. I am excited that your cheeks are filling out as well as the rest of your body. At times though I miss my tiny baby. If a pound has made me feel this way I can't imagine how I'll feel as you continue to grow. 

You sleep in your crib at night and I try to put you in there for at least one nap. Naps are just better in my arms. :) The first two weeks I was waking you up every three hours to eat. Now that you are gaining weight we are letting you go longer at night. Some nights are great, others not so much. You always seem to have a very alert time after the midnight feeding. Your Daddy is working hard at the hospital and I know he wishes he had more time at home with you. He gives you a bottle at your 9 pm feeding and puts you to bed.  You are getting around 3 oz in your bottle.

We marvel at your strength. Whether you are pushing off of something or we are trying to hold down your arms when I'm feeding you. Oh those arms. You scratch at your face and pull at your ears while I'm feeding you. This is slowly getting better.

I spend my days with you snapping lots of pictures to send to your Daddy. We love all of your expressions. You spend your evenings in your Daddy's arms while he reads to prepare for the next day's cases at the hospital. 

You started life by sleeping quite a bit, but toward the one month mark you have had a lot more alert times. You love to be swaddled. Since you have gained a pound you have a few more outfits that fit, but not many. You stay in just your diaper for the most part, especially since you are swaddled so much. Nuts has adjusted to you being a constant in our house, but has recently started howling if we aren't able to calm you down fast enough when you are crying. Things become quite chaotic with you crying and Nuts howling. It's quite amusing! You are a content baby and don't really have a lot of fussy times.

You are one special, little man!


1 month

One Month Stats
Weight: 6 lbs, 10 oz
Height: 19.5 inches (measurement from your two week appt. I think you are longer now.)
Clothes: Preemie and Newborn
Diaper: Newborn

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