Ty and I took dinner over to Megan & Brent's Saturday night. We had a great time hanging out and cuddling cute babies.
Knox is snug as a bug!

Ty with Miss Sloane

I bought extra large tips from Bakers Bling on etsy and have been wanting to try them out. We had a church luncheon on Sunday and our part of the alphabet was assigned desserts. The church luncheon combined with taking food to Megan was the perfect time to bake some cupcakes. I had the brilliant idea to put food coloring in the cake batter. Something went terribly awry and I apparently need to find some directions on how to do this. The insides of the cupcakes turned out great. The outsides turned a crunchy brown. They looked moldy with the blue middle showing through the golden brown in certain places.

Luckily, M & B didn't mind the ugly cupcakes! I thought they were pretty tasty. I didn't dye all the batter and made some mini cupcakes that turned out just fine. I'm in love with the new tips and will be trying them out again very soon!

We received an offer on our house and after several counters, we are under contract with a couple. Time to get moving on finding a new house! AAAGGGHHH!! Thankfully Ty is off this weekend and we will be house hunting. Ty is taking vacation all of next week to study for Step 3 boards and takes his test on Thursday. It is a crazy time around here!

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