the weekend

Saturday morning I participated in the American Heart Association, Heart Walk with Team Cohen. We all wore matching shirts, which were so cute. It was such an honor to be there to support such a great cause and on a more personal note, Megan and Brent. Ty, Nuts, and I spent Sunday afternoon at the park while we had an open house. C'mon someone buy our house! :)

My poor husband has to put up with all kinds of weird conversations from me, but today might have been one of the oddest. Me: If I died and you had to come identify me and my face was unrecognizable, what identifiers would you use? Ty: They would use your teeth. (What a smarty! I didn't count on that response.) Me: All of my teeth are missing, now what? I then proceed to point out all of my identifiers. I also have a conversation with him quite frequently about how he needs to watch me do my make-up, in case I'm ever unable to do so. It will be important for him to do it for me and know how to do it right. I'm a (morbid) weirdo, what can I say?
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